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Published: 9. February 2024

Nordic Traders is a part of the largest trading network in Scandinavia. We have assisted Scandinavian traders during the last 10 years via our pages daytrader.dk, daytrading.se, daytrader.no and nordictraders.com.

Every year we train hundreds of Nordic traders through our portals and internal courses.

We ofte appear in Nordic media, commenting on financial markets. Our office is located in Copenhagen, and we offer an active customer service, so you can always get help.

Chistian Jain Kongsted and Erik Bork, founders of Nordic Traders.


c/o Blue Note Capital
Flæsketorvet 68, 1.sal
1711 København V

Nordic Traders is a service that – among other things – sends back-tested trading signals directly to your mobile.

With Nordic Traders, you get a well-founded indication of when there may be a good opportunity to take a position in the market. The majority of our signals are based on back-tested data, which means we do not trade blindly.

One of the largest trading events in Scandinavia, Nordic Invest Camp, was organized by the owners of Nordic Traders.

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Nordictraders.com receives commission and/or payment for advertising from one or more of the trading platforms mentioned on this page. However, Nordictraders.com strives for 100% objectivity, similar to what is found in other types of professional media and their advertisers. The day trading course sequences are paid for by the individual trading platforms. This is done in such a way that each trading platform pays a commission per new user. This payment means that nordictraders.com can pay our instructors and staff, so we can continue to operate nordictraders.com and develop course sequences. Nordictraders.com aims for openness and transparency about this. Currently, the trading platform the trading platform Markets is the largest sponsor of nordictraders.com.


Remember that you should always trade with caution. Use ONLY money you can afford to lose. Any use of information on this page – for example, specific trading signals, investments, or trades as a result of the content on the page or in our educational sequences is at your own risk. Nordictraders.com disclaims any liability for the results that may be caused by a reader or user using the information presented here in various ways. Leveraged trading products described on this website are not suitable for everyone. It is possible that losses can exceed your account balance. You should not trade with money you cannot afford to lose, and seek advice if you do not understand the risks. Historical returns never guarantee future returns.

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